Betfair Void Bets on 2pm Leopardstown Race

by Harry  |  29th Dec 2011  |  Online Casino News  |  Tags:

In a very unusual move Betfair decided to void all bets on in play betting on the 2pm race at Leopardstown, which has quite obviously left a fair few disgruntled customers in its wake.

Anyone betting in-play on this race would have seen that Voler La Vedette was available to back at 29, when in the market betting was suspended. A considerable amount was placed on this horse (which was a clear winner at this point) on that price.

Betfair run an immediate investigation into how this was allowed to happen and they found that an obvious technical fault was to blame, which allowed this particular customer to exceed their exposure limit.

They released at statement on their forum which said –

“In accordance with our terms and conditions, all in running bets on this race, both win and place, will be made void.

We fully appreciate the dissatisfaction this will cause many customers, and apologise for a very poor customer and betting experience.”

The Betfair customer support team also went onto comment – “In response to a number of customer questions on this matter, we would like to clarify that the account in question has no commercial relationship with Betfair other than being a customer.”

In play betting has become a phenomenon within the industry as it allows customer to place bets whilst the race or game (in terms of football) is live and it can be quite lucrative for punters (even with shortened odds) – but as we can see from what has happened here, things can also go extremely wrong as well.

As always, bookies reserve the right to void bets on any race or game (it’s in their t&c’s) so in cases like this, even for the customers who placed bets in accordance to the rules, lose out and they have not got a horses leg to stand on.

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