InterCasino Unleash Over Poker

by Harry  |  4th May 2011  |  Online Casino News  |  Tags:

Over Poker is a new way to play poker online at InterCasino and this one gives you even more control over your cards. Over Poker is a patented video style game, where you cards are shown in stages and not all at once.

Once your cards are revealed you can choose to discard them, keep them or even move them up to a new hand each time a decision is called out.

InterCasino have stated that experienced poker players
are sure to enjoy this new version of poker immensely and beginners should be able to pick it up easy enough. Hand rankings for over poker are the same traditional poker hands and the goal of this game is to build up winning hands (not just the one).

You have three different options to select from on each card, you can hold, discard or shift. If you choose to discard the card will be taken away and replaced by another one. Shifting the card moves it up a row and it places an additional bet for you and this would be equal to the original coin value. Choosing to shift a card also opens a new poker hand, so you do need to be aware of that.

Each new over poker hand is dealt from a new independent deck of cards, minus any cards that have been shifted of course. And the (hold) option obviously keeps the card exactly where it is.

If you are into online poker we would recommend trying over poker out as it really is a new innovative way to play poker on the net. Over poker has basically taken the game of poker and added its own twist to it, so it does offer you something different than the poker norm.

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