Ladbrokes Casino Approach their Four Billionth Poker Hand

by Harry  |  28th Jun 2011  |  Online Casino News  |  Tags:

Ladbrokes Casino are now fast approaching their four billionth poker hand being played and they of course were going to mark this occasion with something pretty special.

In the week leading up to this event Ladbrokes Casino will be handing out cash on 200 hand milestones and this will continue until the fourth billionth hand is shuffled up and dealt.

When this happens one lucky player will walk off with a £20,000 cash prize – if poker is your thing we would say with all this going on Ladbrokes might just be the site to be at to play poker at the moment.

To take part you simply need to play poker on their cash tables and keep a look out for the hand numbers. These are on the top left hand corner of your screen, so very easy to find.

If you are one of the milestone hand winners you will also win one of the varying cash prizes and these go all the way up to that £20k for the four billionth hand.

A full detailed pay out schedule of all those milestone hands can be found to view on the promos page at Ladbrokes Casino and this is well worth taking a look at.

Please note – There has to be a minimum of four people in a hand to be in with a chance of winning these cash prizes in the first instance, if there is not at least four people in the hand the cash will roll over to the next hand.

Ladbrokes are sure celebrating this one is style as a total of £100k will be handed out on this promo.

The time is nearly hear for the four billionth hand to go and we can’t wait to see who the winner will be.

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