Ladbrokes Casino offer Premier Roulette Gold

by Harry  |  5th Apr 2011  |  Online Casino News  |  Tags:

When you are a member at Ladbrokes Casino you can take your seat at their premier roulette gold tables, which we have to say brings you one of the very best roulette playing experiences online today.

The premier roulette gold tables on Ladbrokes Casino have been designed to keep you at the forefront of roulette gaming action. Roulette remains one of the most popular casino games of all time and Ladbrokes provides you with a unique version of the game to play.

Some of the features of roulette premier gold game at Ladbrokes consist of the following –

You are able to edit the layout of the game to suit you
Call Bets – You can even customisable the bet layout table
Check the statistics of the game
Play in turbo mode
Place neighbour bets
Double you bet if you want
See the bets
Place min and max bets

In the edit layout section you are able to save up to a maximum of five of your favourite chip layouts. So instead of having to place the chips manually each time, you can simply select the layout you want. This allows you to place your all your best chip combinations at a click of a button.

In the call option you can place your chips in a number of set ways. The snake will put the chips on the board in the form of a (snake), 007 will place them in a (007) layout and so on, you can even mix and match these to pick your own customised layout, which is a great feature.

If you are into roulette we would recommend checking out premier roulette gold on Ladbrokes Casino, as it really does come fully loaded with many great in the game options for you to take advantage off.

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