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by Harry  |  21st Jan 2011  |  Online Casino News  |  Tags:

Like to Earn Up To £3,000 Per Week players at Victor Chandler Casino, yes up to as much as £3,000 per week is quite possible Per Player Per Week! You see Victor’s loyalty bonuses are second to none! Simply log onto VC Casino too (top right hand side) to see a full range of their Casino slots too! Sign-up and receive your £175 Free as well!

While we are thinking of games players – mark it down that you can try out ALL VC Casino games first (by Demo Mode) before investing your own money. An excellent way to not only see if you like that particular game/s but to practice your skills and try out your luck!

Fancy trying out “Vegas Blackjack” for instance, log onto VC Casino and click through to the Demo Mode first. Select your chip (say £10), place your bet then click on ‘Deal’! (Remember you can play more than one hand at a time with this one.). You are dealt your cards and the Dealer has his hand.

One of our test players was dealt a King and a Queen, adding to 20, so he of course decided to ‘Stand’ on that (after you are dealt your cards you can decide whether to ‘Split’, ‘Hit’ (get more cards) or to ‘Stand’!

Believe it or not, the Dealer’s card score also came to 20! Another time the first hand he was dealt came to only 12, so naturally he decided to ‘Hit’! Dealt another card bringing the total to 15, ‘Hit’ again (starting to take a real chance at this stage) – got an Ace which was counted as just a 1 luckily! Do you ‘Hit’ again – our player did! This time he got a 5 so he of course got 21 and subsequently won!

The ‘New Game’ icon started flashing – so what did he do – played of course, getting 10 on the first deal! Dealer got 9 (with another card turned over of course). Our test player decided to click on ‘Hit’ of course, ending up with 13! ‘Hit’ again and then ended up winning ye again!

Got tired of winning and winning with this game (that’s true) so decided to have a go at something quite different with “Devil’s Delight”! A great and exciting entertaining colourful slot game at VC.

The Devil with the eyeglass is your Wild symbol, the Scatter is represented by the Pentagram, the Bonus symbol is that lost looking cloaked skeleton and then you have the fabulous “Sin Spins”!

Watch for that skeleton hand with the dice, the sweet looking girl devil or those magic evil ‘666’s”! Hit the reel and you may find the cute little baby devil and score some Free Spins! Watch your “Soul-O-Meter” though players. Our players hit some great Wilds (now that’s a graphic were seeing) which means great wins! Our test player loved it when one of his drops amounted to a win of 770!

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