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by Harry  |  19th Oct 2010  |  Casino Offers  |  Tags:

Try it players, the all new Betfair Casino VIP Club! Its about climbing your way through the grand casino cities of the world in this ‘all new’ VIP Club at Betfair Casino – featuring some fantastic VIP exclusive events, bonuses and comp point benefits!

This new VIP Club at Betfair Casino is even more about rewards and benefits for players than has even been the case before – there’s plenty to shout about now at Betfair Casino!

Membership to the Club is based on the number of Comp Points you earn, with a total of 1,000 securing your membership! Once a member you can advance level by level, which will most certainly enhance your playing experiences.

Looking at a few levels, and starting with the beginner VIP Level (1,000 comp points or more) of “Aruba”. Comp Points level conversion rate is 98 points earned instead of 100.

The next level up is “Atlantic City” which requires 10,000 Comp Points or more. One of the benefits of being at this level is that the Comp Points level conversion is at 95 points instead of 100!

Jumping a few levels to “Las Vegas” the Comp Points level conversion for this level is at an amazing 85 pointes instead of 100. You need 100,000 Comp Points or more to achieve ‘Las Vegas’ level.

The very top level in the new Betfair Casino VIP Club is called “Monaco”, which gives players a Comp Point conversion of 80 points, as opposed to the basic 100. You will require 250,000 Comp Points or more to achieve ‘Monaco’ level.

“Casino Refer & Earn’ is yet another superb benefit from Betfair Casino players. Its simply an additional way to earn money from Befair Casino by telling others about Betfair and thereby earning a quarterly bonus reward of up to as much as £2,000!

Basically ‘Refer & Earn’ is a very simple way for players to earn themselves big cash rewards by bringing their friends to Betfair – which shouldn’t be difficult to do, especially if you know your friends are actually looking for a safe and rewarding online casino to play at! An online casino with good offers, benefits and games that pay out! And that’s Betfair Casino isn’t it players!

Every single friend you refer to Betfair will earn you, and them, £100 once they wager £50 – everyone turns out a winner with this offer!

You have been referred yourself and are wondering a little what action to take. Simply log onto Betfair Casino to find out!

Keep in your mind when you are either considering referring friends or when you actually are, that Betfair Casino welcomes new players with  a great Welcome Bonus of up to £200!

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