Players Club Benefits at Betfred Casino

by Harry  |  30th Mar 2010  |  Casino Offers  |  Tags:

It is sometimes difficult to believe but players can, and actually do, earn £4,500 Free per month from Betfred Casino players – through the exclusive Betfred Casino ‘Player’s Club’ – a club which gives players immediate access to both regular and surprise bonuses, cash backs and great comp points! Players are regular earning anywhere between £100 all the way up to around £4,500 every month of the year!

So a little more about this excellent opportunity then players. The Betfred Casino Player’s Club is actually open to all members at Betfred Casino, not just a chosen few! When you first join and start playing at Betfed Casino you will be assigned to the Bronze VIP Level, a level which still gives you access to some really good bonuses!

Monitor your activity, keep an eye on your play and strategise your play, and before you know it your VIP levels will gradually increase and move through Silver, Gold and Platinum, eventually hopefully to Diamond! Naturally, entry to each level is determined by a variety of factors and your level can go down, as well as, up, so you need to keep an eye on things and to maintain your level so as to continue your benefits – i.e. make sure you log in and play regularly!

Bronze Plus Level – enjoys a 100% up to £100 ,monthly reload, as well as, surprise bonuses, increased comp point conversion rates and increased table limits.

Then you will move on to;

Silver Level – which has 100% up to £150 monthly reload, surprise bonuses, increased again comp points conversation rate, plus another increased table limit

You will progress through ‘Silver Plus’, ‘Gold’, ‘Platinum’ to;

Diamond – 100% up to £500 monthly reload, up to £750 cash back every single week, increased again comp point conversion rate, increased table limits and all table limits unlocked!

Of course the top promotion at Betfred Casino at the moment is still the big ‘Betfred Casino Race’ where players can win their very own share of £50,000! Unfortunately this one ends today so hope you’ve been participating big time and have done well.

But if you haven’t, well, you can rest assured that the next big Betfred Casino promotion will be even bigger and better – just be patient for a day or two and it will arrive – so make a point of keeping an eye on what is happening at Betfred Casino and keep checking back players!

Hope you’ve also heard the great Jackpot News from Betfred Casino as well – someone just won £655,000! Next time it could be you but only if you keep playing at Betfred Casino of course players!

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