5 Reel Slot Games

Five reel slots are a modern upgrade to the classic three reeled options. Yes you can expect a more in depth feature filled experience when playing one of many offered five reeled games. The stakes are much higher and there are plenty more pay line resulting in bigger and more frequent chances of winning!

The online casino industry needed spicing up a little bit and with the three reeled slotting option finding it hard to welcome new additions, the new five reeled option was unveiled and took over the online betting market in a instant, the game play is much similar to the three reel games with a few differences the main change being obviously there is an extra two reels to bank on! You can benefit more effectively from the extra two reels as there are more special features and much more to look out for.

As the five reeled games are often newer than other options you can expect a much more enhanced game in graphics terms, with great 3-D game play, great colours and themes too! All games come with great appropriate sound effects which you can chose to turn of if suited.

To access and play a five reel game all you have to do is fuel the machine with however much or little you wish to deposit then choose the amount of pay lines you wish to play on and then get spinning! A pay line is the amount of lines which you choose to wager on, you can choose the amount of active lines and bet as little or as much as you like on the amount of lines you have chose to play on.

The upgrade from three reel slots isn’t just that it looks better and has more reels it also has those special features were you can play and win plenty of free spins with a chance of landing some wild symbols along the way! Bonus games are an addition to the main game where you can bag yourself some extra cash to, wild symbols can trigger these games off so keep your eyes peeled on the reels whilst playing!

There are plenty of fun five reelers to choose from so you will never be bored. Give one a go, like it or not you will be sure to find one to suit you… and of course if you hit the big jackpots which are displayed In some of these slots you are bound to fall in love that bit more!