Classic Slot Games

A guide to classic slot games, also known as pub fruit machines which are famous for their fruit symbols, nudge options and general ease of play.

It’s hard to imagine your favourite online casino without slot games, but what people tend to forget is that slot machines were initially invented to amuse pub punters and offered in other small amusements. Who would have thought back then that the reel spinning games would play such a massive part in modern online casinos?

No online casino would be the same without the slotting option and with some online casino sites offering 100+ games it is amazing to see how far the simple coin fuelled game has progressed over the years.

We have all sorts of colourful options now offered with progressive jackpots and so on but we can’t forget the classics that made slot games what they are today. The traditional 3-reel slot machines which still now welcome and payout for so many punters!

So what is the difference in a 3-reel classic and any other slot game? Well it is simple… literally with ease of play and easy features, you won’t have to learn anything but what brings you your winnings. Were as some of the enhanced slot games are more difficult and require more practice and understanding, with the classic games you can always expect the simplest form of game play with effective features.

You may find that the more enhanced slot games offer a bigger pay out, but this doesn’t mean that the 3 reel option isn’t better value for money, as you will most likely get more spins for your cash in a 3 reeled slot game, with more of a chance of hitting a winning line. Remember the old saying it’s about quality rather than quantity and 3 reel slot games certainly offer endless amounts of quality.

Most classic slot games have only 1 pay line, as there are no additional bonus games or featured spins that result in a much faster, simpler and easier to play experience.

It is clear why the gambling world hasn’t replaced the classic slot games with all the new options completely, as they are still so fun to play. Why would you go to the bother of learning new complicated slot games, when you can just sit back and spin away in the games that took the online casino industry by storm, all those years back?

So get spinning those pub slot machine games at your favourite online casino!