Online Fruit Machines

Fruit machines are the longest surviving type of slot game. They were first introduced in pubs for punters to physically play for enjoyment and now the internet hosts many great fruity fun games to interactively make the most of! With fun game play and plenty of chances to progress and win big cash it is hard to stay away from those slots which have graced the gaming world for years now.

What is the difference between a Fruit machine and any other reel spinning machines? The difference in fruit machine is that it takes a bit more skill to win on fruit machines as you have different areas of the game which are not part of other games such as nude and hold features, these are both given to you randomly throughout the game. you can receive one or more nudges throughout at any one time, a nudge is were you move any reel up one or more to try and create a winning line, this can conclude in bonuses or automatic winnings! A hold is were you freeze one or more reels if you want so that they stay stationary on your next spin, so if you have a symbol showing and you have a hold it s always worth holding that.

Why choose fruit machines?
Over the years fruit machines have been the only source of game play punters have been able to play, and even now there are hundreds of different great options on the market online fruit machines still remains a fan favourite. It just seems that you cant beet the classics!

The theme of fruit machines are… well fruit often enough, don’t worry about your five a day you won’t come off some of the fab fruities available all day! The graphics are usually basic but very colourful giving it an old school yet cutting edge.

How to play a fruit machine- once you are familiar with the nudges and holds the general game play is the same as any other reel spinning game option. Simply insert your money and start spinning.

Most online casinos have a dedicated link just for all your fruit machine fun, you will discover that this gaming option is not a dying art just by the endless amounts of fruit machines available!

So get playing those familiar fruity slot machines online and find out why they are still so very influential in the online gaming industry.