Slot Bonus Games

Over the years we have seen many classic slots become available al with great colours payouts and so on, but there is only so much reel spinning one person can take without feeling as if it the same. This is why many new additions have been introduced to many games, including many great bonus features such as free spins bonus games and lots more.

Were can I find these bonus games? The bonus games are included in many three reel, five reel, progressives, themed and 3-D games and this is good so that you can benefit no matter what your favoured game type is. Most new online slots have special bonuses so you can expect this in most games you enter you don’t have to choose these options if you don’t want to however.

How do I know if my game has bonus features? You will notice special symbols on your reels and if you follow the game instructions it will tell you what to keep your eyes peeled for. But you can be sure if you spin a reel and it lands on a special feature you will now about it!

Different special symbols will give you access to different bonuses this is what you need to check out before playing the game, free spins or a side game or instant jackpot the reels are your fait!

Due to all these special symbols and symbol patterns it results in a much faster game where you have to stay focused in you may benefit form this or you may find it difficult to adapt to but you can be certain that they will have you on the edge of your seat from the very first spin, apart form this the method of play is the same pay into the machine and press to go… who knows what will happen?

If you do receive for example free spins then you win from them, you will receive that cash, same applies to any cash won from bonus games, there is no catch to these games they are just full of fab surprises!

Each different game has unique bonuses so the aim of the game is to know what you have to watch out for once you have mastered this you can get going. The only problem you have is once you have played in some of these fab bonus games you will never settle for an ordinary reel spinning slot again… which won’t be a problem if you are on to a winner!