32Red Casino Wheel of Wealth

by Harry  |  14th May 2010  |  Slot Game News  |  Tags:

Players join in “with” the other players at 32Red Casino at the “Wheel of Wealth” for big wins! Unlike other online slots you play with other 32Red Players, as a community, helping each other to huge coin payouts! Sound intriguing? If you want to participate simply log onto 32Red Casino and download the 32Red Casino now by clicking on the Multiplayer ‘Wheel of Wealth’ logo!

So how does the Multiplayer version of the ‘Wheel of Wealth’ actually work on 32Red Casino? The multiplayer version of Wheel of Wealth takes all the best bits and pieces from the slot smash hit ‘Wheel of Wealth’ and adds a community based wheel of fortune bonus game, that’s how! Spin as in normal play using the superb 5 reel and 25 payline engine and then sit back and enjoy tasty winnings from top symbols, as well as, the community bonus game!

Chat to old and new friends alike as you play and actually help each other by combining your efforts to maximise your winnings!

To be a little more precise as to how it all works – play as normal, collect the multiplier points and when the wheel of fortune bonus is triggered randomly all players with points are whisked to the wheel to pick a spot on it. Watch as the wheel spins and see whether you or your friends hit the big big prizes!

And we can tell you players, that with multiplier points collected via a generous scatter symbol, the Multiplier Wheel of Wealth wins come very thick and very fast!

One of the most eagerly anticipated games for some long time has just arrived at 32Red casino and that is “Thunderstruck II”. This game is guaranteed to just about blow your mind too. But that’s not all that’s just appeared at 32Red Casino – they also have “Lady in Red” and also “Queen of the Jungle”. Log on and enjoy them all at 32Red Casino players.

Just jumping back to “Thunderstruck II” again for a minute, not only has this game been much anticipated it just happens to be awesome in the extreme as far as its presentation goes! The theme as you know is based on the tale of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, along with Odin, the Ruler of Asgard, the beautiful Valkyrie and Loki the God of Mischief. Players will find so very many Free Spins and Multipliers that their heads will certainly be spinning – without doubt they will!

Please note that ‘Thunderstruck II’ has no payline constraints with up to 243 winning combinations! And as if that isn’t already enough – look out players for the Wild Storm Feature, incorporating Thor’s lightening! Be sure also to enter the Great Hall of Spins when the 3 bonus hammers fall – be prepared, in other words, to receive in full your godly rewards!

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