Bulls Eye Bucks

The aim of Bulls Eye Bucks slot game is very simple, all that you will have to do is collect up the same symbol combination’s. There are many different symbols on the reels and the different symbols have different cash prizes, some bigger and some smaller cash prizes but all of them will bring you money to your kitty.

There are nine possible pay out lines with five reels but to have all 9 pay lines you will have to give 5 credits per spin. But now you can work the game around you so if you only want to credit 3 per spin then you can but in a result of this you will lose some pay lines.

The animations and images on the reels are a range of food, but with bright a colourful colours the graphics stand out and makes this slot game much more exciting and enjoyable.

The wild cotton candy symbol is on every reel making a total of 5 wild cotton candy symbols. This symbol is used to complete other symbol combination’s, this mean that you can use the wild cotton candy symbol to make an instant win with the other food symbols on the reels.

There are three different bonus features to the Bulls Eye Bucks slots game, and there different symbols for each different bonus feature.

  1. You will have to have 3 or more of the $$$ symbol in view across the 5 reels to activate the Pete’s Payday bonus feature.
  2. You will need more than three lion bonus symbols in view to activate the prize pick bonus feature.
  3. You will need to have more than 3 duck symbols in view across the five reels to then activate the ducks shoot bonus feature.

With three different bonus features added on to this already fantastic slots game gives it some extra entertainment for you, this also means that you have three more chances of winning some huge amounts of cash playing Bulls Eye Bucks, and the prizes will not stop there because you also have the chance of winning that all so special jackpot prize.