The mysterious feeling is about in this amazing new Cluedo slot game, like many other classic board games a reel spinning slot is available and thankfully this is the case with this Cluedo option. With fantastic animation sound and game play not to mention the special symbols which could give you the chance to rake in lots of cash!

So if you think you’ve got what it takes to narrow the mystery down from six suspects in this murder investigation then step right up and start slotting with this 15 pay lines game which only means its going to be a quick fire frenzy with big chances to winning whopping amounts.

‘The Who Won It?’ Bonus adds to the fun making the Cluedo slot game more enjoyable to play with much higher stakes. You access this bonus as soon as three Who Won It symbols appear on a pay line which you have bet on. To start your bonus click the start button and then a magnifying glass will hover over three possible winnings highlighting what the possible outcome will be and then eventually stop to reveal your fate, your winning bonus will appear on the notepad.

You have three chances so if you are unsatisfied with your first offer you can refuse it then another price will be given possibly higher or maybe lower than your first offer. Again you can refuse this offer however if you do your third and final offer will be the price you have to take so pick wisely mystery solver!

The payouts for Cluedo slots are incredible with a staggering £25,000 in the main game and an additional mouth watering bonus amount of up to £2,250! So there is plenty to play for and plenty of reasons to play at this already popular slot machine. You can bet 1-5 credits on each of the 15 pay lines. And if you don’t want to bet on all 15 lines then not to worry you can simply adjust that too, so it only plays as many as you want to. So go on get out there, there’s mysteries to be solved at this great Cluedo slot game and a possible £25,000 to be won!