Fruit Party

The Fruit Party video slot game is a modern version of normal slots, because this game has fantastic graphics and animations on every single reel which makes the gaming much more exciting and enjoyable for you.

The animations on the reel are a selection of different exotic fruit drinks. The whole theme is about different fruits and exotic drinks which then fits in with the name. Also this video slot game has a colourful and exciting theme to it with then makes the video slot much more approachable and playable.

The aim of the game is to collect up different combination’s of different symbols to then win cash prizes, it is all very simple really. There are many different symbols on the reels and all at which have different meaning and all come with a different pay out prize. You can find out what each symbol is worth and the bigger the combination the better the prize at the end.

This fantastic video slots game also comes with an added extra bonus feature, and to enter this exciting bonus feature you will have the fruity bonus symbol, this symbol may come up at any time so get ready for when it comes.

When you do play the bonus feature you will see all different fruit and drinks place is a large overall shape, the objective is to click as many as you can to get the biggest multiplier before you are stopped by the collect fruit of drink. The more multipliers you have the more money you are going to win. But there is a twist to this bonus feature because if you happen to choose the collect fruit of drink first then you will automatically receive all of the multipliers, so there may be a surprise along the way.

The Fruit Party video slots game is a fun and exciting game to be getting involved with. You will be entertained by all the big and little added extras to the video slot. You may even come across the huge jackpot prize that is available to you, so get in with the party right now and take a spin to win some huge cash prizes.