Lil Lady

Bugs can sometimes annoy people and often unwanted especially those with lots of legs. But one little insect you wouldn’t mind to catch goes by the name of Lil Lady and she is a very exiting ladybird which could win you some fantastic cash prizes… yes, but before you go out in your garden and capture every ladybird in sight you should know that this great little bug can be found on the internet as it is a very popular slot machine which could make you and your wallet very happy punters.

With 40 pay lines the Lil Lady slot game will have you on the edge of your seat with excitement and anticipation and with the each reel loaded with wild symbols it is almost impossible to have an average game. This don’t mean it is a hard game to play its just that you could go from a normal spin to then the following one could give you one or more wild symbols which would just turn the game on the top of its head giving you whopping payouts!

If you get three special symbols on the middle three reels you may produce a small flutter because this will give you a chance of progressing to win a huge 255 free spins! Yes once you land these three reel symbols you will enter the Free Spins bonus the better reels you land the more you will spin… of course this means the more chance of winning big.

Lil Lady slot game has plenty of great colour and fantastic animation all throughout your time of playing to make it an even better experience and you can choose the level of graphics to suit the power of your computer to make it run smoother. Choose from BEST mode HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW obviously the BEST option being the clearest. The audio does enhance the game to making it more exciting but If you don’t want it then you can always simply turn it off to.

Lil Lady slot game is an all-rounder for everyone to enjoy and I think with the sight of some of those wild symbols people find it hard not to jump with glee at this well made online slot.