For decades now we have all enjoyed the classic game of Monopoly with that famous animated moustached man with his top hat. The game has brought joy to many generations of families and what is better for a online slot lover to enjoy a slot designed with a theme of such a classic game? And the good bit is that the money you win is not coloured paper and doesn’t have to be packed in the box when your finished it will line your wallet and make you happy!

The Monopoly slot game has many great features on offer which could lead you to great riches such as, The Pass ‘GO’ bonus, Community Chest instant Bonus, Property Deeds, Free Parking, get three Bonus Dice symbols on a pay line which you have bet on. When you get this you have earnt your Pass Go Bonus then select either one of the three bonus dice symbols to reveal how many times you get to roll the dice in the special bonus round! When you arrive at this bonus round you will roll the dice the amount of times which was shown to collect as much bonus cash as you can.

If you land on chance you will be moved to a completely new space at random and this could benefit if you are in the bonus game as each property has a value on it which could win you big if you land on the big names like Mayfair!

Your second bonus chance is known as the Community Chest Instant Bonus. This was always a good moment even in the board game when you scooped all the winnings out of the middle well this is quite similar in this Monopoly slot game! Get the Instant Bonus symbol in any position on the final three reels you will earn this chance click one of the shown bonus symbols to determine your Bonus Multiplier.

So check it out the new way of playing monopoly and guess what its all to yourself, its down to you and your luck to see how much you can rake out of this fab Monopoly slot game.