Paradise Dreams

Paradise Dreams slot game is a 5 reel and 20 pay out line game. This is a fantastic slot game that will entertain you all day long; you will be amazed by the paradise feel that you get from playing this slot game. Also on every reel you will see some fantastic animated symbols which make this video slot even better to play. The bright colours around the reels makes this game much more enjoyable for you, they take away all boredom.

The symbols range from fishes to letters and all are rightly coloured and all have a paradise feel to them, this slot game has the full package.

You can look forward to the Paradise Dreams slot game instant win jackpot that can be available to you at any time, so you might just have an unexpected surprise with only one spin. You can enhance you winning by playing the bonus features and winning the variety cash prizes that are available to you will every symbol combination.

Paradise Dreams is almost perfect for a beginging player as you can bet as little as 1 cent, and so the beginners can get used to the new and improved modern slots and with nothing to bother them, all you will have to do is play for a cent and win some hefty cash prizes.

But if you are a high roller the Paradise Dreams slot game offers you to play a $100 a spin, but this will increase your chances of winning plus playing with higher stakes makes this video slot much more exciting to play. Plus when play at a higher stake will increase this video slots jackpot.

Paradise Dreams comes with wild symbols and scatter symbols to increase you chance of winning, the wild card can be used to interpretive any other symbol on this video slot meaning that is can be used to complete other symbols combination’s, this increases your chance of winning.

The scatter card can be used to win with other symbols combination’s, it is a bit like the wild symbol but the scatter symbol will be dotted about the reels.