Transform your average day into a fun packed reel spinning frenzy with one of the newest most eagerly awaited online slot games on the market, the Transformers slot game! Evolve yourself into a supreme transformer of your choice and watch plenty of random wild symbols spin in and stack your winnings up in to huge cash jackpots! You can expect all this fun to commence in the fan favourite Transformers slot game.

The good thing about the Transformers slot game is that the wild symbols can appear at any time in the game and more than once which could see your balance rise to a large sum of cash. Watch out for the Cybertron wild on the third reel to pick up your multiplier which you can times by 10! The other wild symbol to look out for is the Transforming special, this will appear on the second and fourth reel and will make your whole reel wild. Both of these wild symbols can appear on the same reel spin… the outcome of this is can be crazy amounts of cash winnings!

And you think that’s enough random wild symbols for five reel slot?… well your wrong the first and fifth reels could be graced if the Optimus Prime and Megatron bonus symbol appears and when this happens it will be a true battle of the titans as these two transformers have a serious feud which is ready to explode at any time! This could result in slots Ultimate Payback Bonus. Pick which morphing character will win the clash and receive up to a whopping 3250 additional credits if your prediction is correct.  Keep on spinning up to 100 free spins or just until on of the battling Transformers bails themselves out for this time.

Again you could get very lucky on the Transformers slot game and land all reels with special symbols as this fun slot doest have synchronised reels which makes it a better game for everyone to enjoy. So have a look and give it a spin… but be warned the symbol crazy slot does transform you to… yes your mood will go from normal then to excited and intrigued with your pulse rising as those wild symbols land closer and closer.