Treasure Chamber

The Treasure Chamber slot game is one of the latest 20 pay line video slots around, this means that this slot game has all the modern added extras such as bonuses and some fantastic animated symbols on the reels. You can enjoy winning huge cash prizes with the Treasure Chamber and you do not want to miss out on the instant win progressive Jackpots that are available to you randomly throughout the game.

Treasure Chamber slot game offers you a wild symbol that is an adventure, this wild symbol is used to act for every other symbol, so with the wild symbol you can make up other symbols combinations to win some hefty cash prizes.

There is also a scatter card and on the Treasure Chamber slot game the animation is a rose, if you happen to have two of the scatter symbols then you will win yourself a special payout, but if you have three scatter symbols in view then you will activate the free spin mode, this means you can play for free but only for a certain amount of spins.

The shifting symbol on Treasure Chamber slot game can change into any of these five symbols the woman, rose, owl, Jaguar and the adventure symbol. This means when the shifting symbol changes into one of these five symbols you will win accordingly, if it makes up a winning combination.

You can play the Treasure Chamber slot game to work around you because you can choose to bet how many credits you want to be but only up to the maximum of which the video slot offers you. So 1 credit is one pay out line. But if you do want to play with the maximum amount of credits then you could be winning the top cash prizes that this video slot have to offer you which is a whopping £50,000.

The Treasure Chamber slot game is a virtual slots game with fantastic animated symbols; you can win yourself the hefty instant win jackpot and walk away fifty grand up. Play the Treasure Chamber slot game because you could be only one spin away from walking away with a huge sum of money.