World Cup Bonus Days on Bet365 Casino

by Harry  |  24th Jun 2010  |  Slot Game News  |  Tags:

It seems still (most rightly too) that no one is sick of hearing about the World Cup yet and most certainly Bet365 Casino has not been sick of giving to celebrate it! The World Cup Fever promotion at Bet365 Casino ran very hot! Bet365 have been offering their players an unbeatable Deposit Bonus of 50% (up to £200) on selected World Cup match days!

Keep your eyes peeled because supposedly yesterday was the last day of the ‘Fever’ but we’re sure that Bet365 Casino will follow up with something as good – or even better!

While you’re waiting for your next World Cup opportunity though at Bet365 Casino there’s so much more to keep you occupied: (a) the Big Bonus Boost, (b) Heads Or Tails, (c) the Reel Race or possibly (d) the Slots Club? Log onto Bet365 Casino players!

As for the Bet365 Casino Slots Club – its all about collecting Comp Points on Slot Games and winning that great cash prize! There’s so many more winning chances with Bet365’s Slots Club – it’s the best way to enjoy a range of special offers and promotions tailored specifically for you if you’re a Slots player – Free to join too!

You can earn a Cash Prize simply by playing your favourite slots games as you normally would – you don’t need to do anything different. All you need to do is to earn a certain number of Comp Points on as many days as possible to win a prize! And earning Comp Points is so easy – after all players receive 3 for every 10 currency units they wager on Slots and Progressive Slot Games. Every single day can count towards you winning a prize players!

Precisely how does it work? Well to start with you play your favourite Slot Games and earn those Comp Points as you do so. Importantly – you aim for one of the Comp Point totals shown under the ‘Slots Club’ tab on Bet365 Casino, on as many individual days as possible, and you then receive the corresponding prize!

For example: say you aimed for 10 days, 100 points per day – you’d earn £10, whereas 100 points over 15 or 20 days would win you £16 or £20 respectively. But however, if you had 500 points over 25 days you would get £200! Actually players can win up to £2,000 this way. But you really should log onto Bet365 Casino to see all the details – take the time out now to do so players!

All you have to do to start the whole process off players is to “Opt In”!

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